And so begins our journey…

October 8, 2008

So, ever since Libby moved up here we’ve been talking about, and craving, hot wings.

Since we haven’t really explored our options, we decided it might be fun to document our little journey across the windy city looking for the best wings.  It’s not a contest, we just want to know where to find what we love.

We’re going to seek out local flavors, but also not count out the chains either — both of us do enjoy an afternoon at B-dubs with wings and trivia.  We’re not looking for the hottest, but we’ll try anything once.
We want flavor and heat.  We want the best tasting wings.  Something we’ll keep coming back for.

If you’ve got suggestions on where to go and what to order, leave them on the “Our Quest…” page.

As long as we can still afford to dine out, we’ll be searching for some wings and then reporting back here.